Monday, 19 November 2012

Magnetic Nails

I paint my nails often, but usually lack the motivation and artistic talent to do any sort of design. At a recent sale at a salon I found this magnetic nail polish and had to give it a try.

-Nabi Blueberry Magnetic Nail Polish-

You simply paint a (thick) coat on a nail and then hold the magnetic cap over it for 15-30 seconds. I also suggest painting a base coat of colour and letting it dry first. Try to hold the cap as close as possible (without touching nail.) There are magnetic pigments in the nail polish so when the magnet is held over it, those pigments pull forward, leaving a line.

-holding magnet over nail-

Each cap also has a unique design so you can try stripes, arrows and waves.

-got a little too close to my nails-

Another tip for any time you are waiting for your nails to dry, spray them lightly with PAM cooking spray. It prevents them from staying tacky and getting ruined!

-PAM cooking spray-

Magnetic nail polish is a great way to add a subtle design to your nails if you are artistically challenged!

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